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The Xbox One Pro was the Xbox team’s first-ever major refresh of the console.

While the Xbox 360 Pro was a massive upgrade for the gaming industry, the Pro was also the first console with a new design and the most powerful processor ever to grace a console.

The Xbox 720 Pro was followed by the Xbox 720, and with the release of the next generation of Xbox, the Xbox Pro is a console that everyone can appreciate.

We’ve taken a look at the Xbox Pros specifications and compared them with the next-gen consoles, so you know which is best for your needs.

The PS4, Xbox, and PC systems have all seen significant updates over the past few years, but the Xbox platform has remained largely unchanged.

There are some notable changes to the Xbox hardware, but it’s the overall feel of the platform that has remained unchanged.

So, let’s take a look back at the best and worst of the best in the Xbox lineup.