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Google has revealed how it’s setting up an iPhone with a new operating system called “OS X,” and it’s all based on the open source code that powers Linux.

The move is all part of Google’s push to put the iPhone on par with Apple’s Macs, and to make it easier to install new software, Google announced Tuesday.

Apple’s iOS 8, which launched this year, has been largely criticized for having the lowest user experience of any Apple product.

It has no iTunes integration, and has the lowest adoption rate of any major mobile operating system in the world.

Apple has since announced plans to make the operating system available to developers for free, and it also recently launched an upgrade for its iPad Pro.

The iOS version of Google Android, however, will use the open-source code and will be compatible with Linux-based operating systems.

“We’ve always had an open relationship with Google,” Google said in a blog post on Tuesday.

“We’ve been working with them to develop their OS X to bring innovation and openness to Android devices.

Today, we’re announcing our first major OS X upgrade in more than 20 years.”

Google announced the update last week, and said the OS X update would be released in a few weeks.

The OS X Yosemite update was released earlier this year and was aimed at developers, but has since become more widely available.

It brings new features like multitasking, and is now available on Apple devices running the most recent version of iOS, iOS 8.3.

Google also announced plans for its next major release, a software update called “Omniverse,” to be released next month.

Omniverse, which is still in early testing, will allow Android users to create their own apps using Unity, the programming language Google uses to build its mobile apps.

Google said Omniverse will also allow developers to create third-party applications.