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A few days ago, the Google operating system landed on the Google Play Store, allowing Android users to download, install, and use the new operating system on their phones and tablets.

Today, Google is adding a new feature to the GooglePlay app store that lets users download the Android Nougat operating system and install it on their devices.

In addition to the feature, Google will also soon offer a new version of its Chrome app store, which will support Android NOS and Android 8.0 Oreo.

Google said that it is working to bring these two operating systems to its own app store.

The company has a history of launching its own operating systems and apps to its Google Play store, but the Google Store itself was launched in 2011.

Google has said that the app store will be “the only place where you can easily get a custom operating system with Google Play features” for your devices.

Users of the Google Chrome browser will be able to download Nougats Android 7 operating system as well, Google said.

The Google Play app store is the only place that you can get a customized operating system.

For example, the default Android OS is a “complete operating system” that can be installed on virtually any Android device.

If you want to install a custom Android OS on your Chromebook, you will need to download the Google Nougate SDK and install that on your device.

You can do that from Google’s Play Store or via the Chrome Web Store.

Google is also planning to launch a Chrome version of the NougAT operating system sometime in the coming weeks.