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When the iPhone came out in 2009, I was a bit puzzled.

After years of watching Apple’s iOS app store shrink to an inch, it had been reduced to a thumbnail, a bit like a mobile app on a smartphone.

The iPad had been an excellent app store.

But it was a mobile store, and the iPhone had been a tablet.

I thought the iPad was a great product.

The iPhone was a fantastic product.

And the iPad, the iPhone, the iPad!

But then the iPad came, and I was left wondering, how can a tablet be so great?

I was baffled.

I was wondering, How can an app be so amazing?

And so I downloaded a second iPad, an iPad with the latest version of iOS and a touch screen.

It was like a miracle.

I could do anything with the app.

And I started writing articles in that second iPad.

The article that I wrote on the iPad is now a household word, a phrase that’s repeated ad nauseam in my own articles.

I love my second iPad so much that I bought it on the advice of my former colleague, Peter Venn, a professor at the University of Waterloo.

Venn also co-authored an academic paper that has become one of the most-read pieces in this new digital age.

But the iPad has given me new reasons to love the iPad.

It has given the iPad a new meaning for me.

It’s given me a reason to think of myself as part of a community that can be called a family.

A group of people who can create stories together, write in a shared language, and communicate in an expressive way.

When I saw the iPad’s first screen, it felt like a gift from the gods.

I saw something I couldn’t have dreamed of.

The second iPad is more than an app store for writing articles.

It also lets me make a living.

The more I use it, the more I want to be able to make a life.

This article originally appeared in The Globe and Mail.