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A new app that lets users stream live video from social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook will be rolled out in 2018, according to two sources familiar with the plans.

The social-media-streaming service is slated to be released sometime this summer in a beta version, and will replace the company’s existing Twitter-like platform.

The new app, called ThreadX, will be the first social-networking app to offer its users an option to use the Twitter app instead of the Twitter-based Twitter for Windows desktop client.

The new app will allow users to stream video and photos from Twitter, Facebook and other social networks, the sources said.

Twitter will continue to support Twitter for Android, iOS and Web browsers, the source said.

Users who already use Twitter for desktop will not need to change their software.

Users will be able to add new friends and post and share content from the app in a single tap, and users will also be able make videos and photos of their experiences on Twitter, the two sources said, speaking on condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to discuss the plans publicly.

The company will not change its Twitter-for-Windows desktop client, which remains the default desktop client for its platform.

The app will continue the Twitter for iOS app and web browser extensions, the first two of which were rolled out last month.

The third extension will be launched later this month, the users said.

ThreadX will not replace the Twitter desktop client because it doesn’t have the same interface, the developers said.

ThreadX will provide users with more options, including new features, the people said.

The apps will launch alongside Twitter for Chrome, the second-most popular browser on the Web, and it will launch on the iPhone, iPad and Android devices, the company said.

“This is a significant step forward for the Twitter community,” said Matt McAlpin, the vice president of product at Facebook, in a statement.

“Users will now have more choice in the way they interact with Twitter, and the new app gives users the ability to stream directly from Twitter to the web.”

Facebook and Twitter declined to comment.

Twitter’s Twitter for Facebook app has been available for iOS for a few months, and is scheduled to roll out on Android this year.

Twitter is also working on an Android-compatible web-based version of its desktop client that will be released later this year, according the people.

The app, which will have a desktop interface similar to the one that currently runs on Twitter’s mobile app, will run in the same browser window as the desktop version of Twitter.

It will also run in a tabbed browser, similar to Twitter’s current tabbed interface, but the tabbed app will have more functionality, the Twitter developers said in a blog post.

The developers also said the new web-only version of the app will use the same layout as the current mobile-only app, though it will not be called “Twitter for Android.”

It is not clear how many people will be using the app.

One person told Ars that she is using it for a job, and she has not yet made a decision about what she wants to use it for.

But she said she is curious about how the new Twitter-style interface will be different from the desktop-only one she is used to, so she will keep an eye on it.

“It’s definitely a different experience,” she said.

“You’re not going to have to worry about having to refresh the page every few seconds.

You can do it in the browser or just use it from the home screen.”

Another person, who works at an online company and declined to give her name, said that her company has used Twitter for a while and is excited about the new feature.

“It’s great to see it being brought into the web,” she wrote.

“The desktop app is a pain, but this is better.”

Twitter for Apple also declined to talk about ThreadX and Twitter for iPhone.

Twitter’s Twitter app is designed to make it easier for people to stream live media and share photos on social networks.

However, the app is not intended to replace the traditional desktop client as a way to access Twitter for users who are not yet comfortable with the interface.

Instead, the new social-streamer will offer an easier way to connect with people and interact with them through text, audio and video, the companies said.

Users will be asked to subscribe to Twitter in order to be able watch live streams and follow updates, and they can also “like” a stream by saying a certain phrase.

The feature also allows users to add videos and audio clips to a stream.

The developers said the app also offers more customization, including a tab for sharing videos and images with friends.

Users can also post and save clips and video clips on the app, and a third-party