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As the first to make the leap from a single-core, 32-bit Windows XP to the first Windows 10 desktop OS, Microsoft is rolling out a new version of its operating system that will be able to run 32- and 64-bit apps.

The Windows 10 Technical Preview 64-Bit is now available on the Xbox store, where it has been available since September.

This version of the operating system can run 32 and 64 bit apps at the same time, the company says.

In a blog post, Microsoft said the 64-BIT edition of Windows 10 has more advanced features and more robust security than its 32-BIT counterpart, but will be available for the time being.

The company also noted that it’s “coming to mobile” and it plans to make “major enhancements” to the desktop OS.

Microsoft has been steadily rolling out Windows 10 since October 2015, and the company announced the first major OS upgrade since then on April 25.