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A few years ago, Microsoft announced that the operating systems version of Windows 10 would be 1703.

Microsoft then began to make significant changes to the version of the OS that would be released later, with versions 1704, 1705 and so on.

The company has made no secret of its intent to change the operating System version in the future, and it’s also making major changes to Windows itself, including the removal of the ability to install older versions of Windows.

In a post published on Wednesday, Microsoft explained that it has removed the ability for Windows 10 users to upgrade from older versions to the new operating system.

Users will need to use the Windows Update process to upgrade to the latest version of OSX.

Windows 10 is still available on PC, tablet and smartphone platforms.

“Windows 10 Pro users will need a free upgrade to Windows 10,” Microsoft wrote.

I know it may seem strange, but for a while I had to use an older version of a different operating system on my Windows PC.

It was only after some digging that I found out that Microsoft was trying to change that.

The reason is simple: The OS version for Windows, Windows 10 Pro, is no longer supported.

The Windows Update service that we rely on to make sure we get the latest OS version, the Windows 10 Enterprise Edition, is now deprecated.

The OS was never designed for enterprises.

It’s for personal use only.

It’s a sad day for the OS and a sad loss for our Windows fans.

The only way to get Windows 10 is to upgrade your system to the newest version.

That’s not possible at this time.