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Microsoft announced on Tuesday that it will begin shipping its new Edge operating system on November 28, making it the first smartphone operating software to support Edge.

Edge will be available on a number of devices including phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

The company also plans to support Chrome OS on Edge phones, as well as Windows 10 Mobile, which is currently being rolled out on Windows 10 devices.

Microsoft is offering the free Windows 10 upgrade for new customers on its Edge operating systems.

Microsoft Edge is the first new smartphone operating OS that will support Edge and Windows 10, and it should help the company continue to make its software more accessible to consumers.

Microsoft says Edge will come with “significant new features” that will allow the company to build new business applications that run across all of its devices.

The operating system will also include an enhanced user interface that will “enhance productivity and enable the creation of new, compelling experiences.”

Microsoft also said that Edge will “provide the foundation for the next wave of innovations in mobile computing” and will be “a platform for the world’s most advanced, flexible, and interoperable applications.”

Microsoft Edge will also be a “compelling alternative” to Android and Apple’s iOS, Microsoft says, and will help companies create “new, compelling and immersive experiences for users and their businesses.”

The company has also promised Edge will provide “powerful new ways to connect and manage devices,” including its new cloud service called Cortana.

The service will be made available on Android devices through Google Play and Windows Phone.

Microsoft has been experimenting with Edge since it first introduced the browser on smartphones in 2013.

It initially launched on the Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.1 platforms in late 2016.

Microsoft also released Edge on the Apple iPhone in 2020, as part of a new partnership with Microsoft called the Microsoft Surface Studio.

Microsoft launched Edge on Android phones in 2020.

Microsoft’s Edge operating operating system is being rolled-out to select smartphones in India, the Philippines, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.

The launch of Edge in the United States comes just months after Apple introduced the first-ever Windows 10 operating system in 2018.