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Microsoft is preparing to unveil a huge slate of new products in the coming year, with the company already preparing to launch a range of new games for the Xbox One and new devices, like the Xbox 720, for the Windows 10 operating system.

But the biggest of these could be the biggest gaming machines in the world.

It is expected to be announced on Wednesday that Microsoft is to launch the Xbox Elite and the Xbox 360 Elite in 2017, alongside the next generation of Xbox consoles.

Both the Elite and Xbox 360 will come with the new Windows 10 OS, which will be launched alongside the upcoming Xbox 720 console, which is also set to launch in 2018.

The Elite is expected be able to run the latest games on Windows 10 and offer better graphics and processing power than its predecessor.

The Xbox Elite will be available with a more powerful CPU, higher storage capacity, and a better GPU.

The next generation Xbox consoles will be powered by a quad-core CPU and a faster GPU, with better performance than the current Xbox One console.

It will also include a 4K video display, a 2TB hard drive, and will have a much bigger memory footprint than the Xbox Pro, which has 4GB.

Microsoft will also introduce a new range of games that will be made available for the new operating system alongside the Xbox games and entertainment bundles, as well as the forthcoming Windows 10 gaming console.

The company has already confirmed that it will be releasing a range on the Xbox Store in the UK, and the company has also indicated that it is planning to launch more Xbox exclusives for the UK.

It could be that Microsoft will also launch new Xbox accessories in the new year, including an Xbox controller, and accessories for the next Xbox One.

In the same way that the PlayStation 4 was launched with a range to support games that were released during the PlayStation 2 era, Microsoft will be launching a range for the first time for the console.

The Xbox One controller will be coming with the controller bundled with the console, with new accessories for other accessories.

There is also a new console coming out with a new controller.

The new console will be called the Xbox Scorpio, and it will have an improved GPU and more powerful processor than the existing Xbox One, which can now run the upcoming games on the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

The PS4 Pro is the successor to the PS4, and Microsoft will likely launch a new PS4 controller alongside the new console.

Microsoft is also planning to release a new set of games and games consoles for the future, including a new line of Kinect-enabled games.

It has also said that it plans to release more hardware for the PSVR headset in the second half of this year, and there are also plans for the headset to be bundled with new Xbox One games.

The last-gen Xbox will also be getting an upgrade in 2018, with a redesigned version of the console to include a more flexible set of controllers and a new operating systems.

The hardware for this upgrade is also expected to include new features for developers and players.

Microsoft also plans to sell a range from its Windows 10 SDK.

It has previously said that there will be a range at launch for developers.

The announcement comes as the company is facing criticism for its decision to delay releasing the Xbox Wireless Controller, a feature that allows players to use their Xbox Wireless controllers with games on a Windows 10 PC.

A Microsoft spokesperson has also denied that the Xbox wireless controller is “dead”.

Microsoft also announced that it was releasing a new software update that will make it easier for people to play Xbox games on their Windows 10 PCs.

The update will allow Xbox One owners to access Xbox Live on Windows PCs without having to sign in.

Microsoft previously announced that its Windows developer tools will also see a significant upgrade, and its developer tools are also available for Mac and Linux.

Microsoft has previously stated that its developer tool suite is now “up to a third of the size of Microsoft’s mobile development tool suite”, and that it expects developers to see an increase in their workload as a result.

This article was amended on 13 January 2018.