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By Simon J. Brown | September 16, 2018 12:04:16The Windows CE operating system is no longer the default operating system on the PC, according to an independent analyst who believes Apple should replace it.

The analyst, Peter Schindler, has told Bloomberg that Apple should be using its existing operating system to develop new devices and apps that can be run on Apple’s new mobile OS, called macOS.

Schindler noted that Apple is currently developing the next generation of the Apple Watch and Apple Music.

Apple is expected to launch its first mobile phone with a custom operating system in 2019, but its plans for an iPhone operating system have been in limbo since last year, when it was reported that the company was working on a mobile operating system.

Schinkler, who has been an analyst with Wedbush Securities since 2016, is one of several analysts who believe that Apple needs to move beyond its legacy iOS and macOS operating systems.

He said that the iPhone and Mac operating systems are both on the way out.

Schippler, however, said that he is not convinced that Apple can use the iOS operating system for new products, such as mobile games.

“The iPhone, Mac and the iPad all share the same core architecture, which is the same operating system as the iPhone.

The Apple Watch, which I believe will be the first wearable device to launch with an OS built on the iPhone OS, is not yet available for the consumer market,” Schindlers said.”

Apple’s goal with iOS is to build an OS that has the same user experience as the iOS app, but the hardware requirements of the iPhone will likely not allow for a full mobile OS replacement.

The iPad, Apple’s flagship tablet, is only now shipping with an operating system built on iOS 11.3.

The only way Apple could be successful with a mobile OS is if it can do so on the iPad.

It is not realistic to think Apple could build an iOS device that is capable of running a full version of its OS on the tablet.”

Schindlers remarks come as Apple launches the new iPhone 7, its next-generation phone.

Apple has been using a customised version of iOS for several years to build its iPhone.

This latest version, known as iOS 11, will bring a number of new features, including an Apple Pay payment system, a redesigned Touch ID fingerprint sensor, an updated Camera app, and a new FaceTime HD video calling app.

Apple previously said that it was building the iPhone operating systems using the Xcode programming language, which allows developers to add new features to their apps.

However, Apple has been working on its own version of Xcode for the iPhone since late 2016, but it has not been fully ready.

Apple is now developing a new version of the XCode toolkit called Xcode 11.1.

Apple launched a beta version of this toolkit in the fall of 2018, but only after months of delays.

It was not clear when the toolkit would be ready for release.

Apple has not released an official release date for Xcode11.1, and the company has not confirmed whether it will use Xcode as the foundation of its next iOS OS.