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OS X 10.10 Yosemite is here.

But this is still the OS that powers most Apple devices.

We all know that OS X has been out for decades, but today’s macOS 10.11 El Capitan brings the operating system with it.

The operating system is now even more secure than it was in the days of Apple’s Mac Pro and iMacs.

The new OS has an upgraded kernel and an integrated graphics chip, which makes the hardware look like it’s been outfitted with Apple’s newest processor.

OS X 11.6 Yosemite (2018) is also the new Yosemite build number.

You can upgrade your system to Yosemite now from the System Preferences app, which is available on both Macs and Apple TV devices.

OS 10.9 El Capitans and OS X Yosemite are the only ones to come with a full-fledged desktop environment built in.

You’ll find that macOS is now fully integrated with a third-party desktop browser.

If you’re running the full macOS desktop in a window or a full screen mode, you’ll get the desktop interface, too.

You also get new desktop widgets that you can use to launch apps and access your email.

You don’t have to open an app in a fullscreen window to view the desktop UI, either.

You just swipe up to see the desktop menu.

It’s an elegant and consistent look that’s familiar to people who have used OS X since it first appeared.

The OS X desktop still uses the old Apple-designed icons, but you’ll notice that most of the new ones are a bit more prominent.

OS x 10.7 Yosemite is still available for download from the Mac App Store.

You will still need to install a separate update to upgrade your OS X computer to Yosemite.

For details, read our article about upgrading to macOS Yosemite.

We hope you enjoy this new look for OS X.