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Apple’s new TVOS TVOS, Amazon’s Fire TV OS and Chromecast support Kodi, but not the popular Plex Media Server.

This is because Kodi is not available in Apple TV, Amazon Fire or Google’s Chromecast SDKs.

But this script allows you to install Plex and Plex Media Servers, which means you can stream media to your TV using Kodi.

You can find more instructions on how to install these apps on our guide to installing Plex.

Here’s how to upgrade from Kodi 5.0 to Kodi 7.0 using the script:1.

Open the Kodi web browser.2.

Click the Settings tab at the top of the page.3.

Click General.4.

Under Video, click the Plex button to open the menu for your favorite video streaming app.5.

Click Add to Library.6.

On the Select a library tab, enter the IP address and port for your Plex Media server.7.

Click Next.8.

On Select a new device, select your new Kodi device and then click Next.9.

On Add new device page, enter your Plex server’s IP address, port and username, click Next and click Finish.10.

You’re done.

Now, to update Kodi from 5.x to 7.x, follow these instructions:1, Find the Plex app and then launch it.2, Click the Menu button on the top right of the screen.3, Select Settings.4, Click System Settings.5, On System Settings, select Advanced and click Install.6, On Install menu, select System Update.7, On Select Update, type the IP Address, Port and Username of your Plex Server, click Finish and click Next to proceed.8, On Update system menu, type Plex Media Update and click OK.9, To update Kodi, follow the instructions on this page.10, To remove Plex Media Service from your Kodi, do the following:1) Open the Plex Media Manager and navigate to the directory containing Plex Media Services.2) Click the + button next to the Plex icon to add Plex Media services to your list.3) Right-click the Plex service and select Remove.4) In the Plex Manager window, click Remove Plex Media service.5) On the Remove Plex services page, type your Plex service’s IP Address and Port and click Remove.6) In Plex Media update page, click Done to close the page and save your changes.

If you’re having trouble with Kodi 7, please see our guide on how you can update Kodi.