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Dell operating systems take the title for the top operating system in the PC market with an estimated value of around US$5bn ($4.1bn).

While most of this money comes from the sale of Microsoft’s Windows software, Dell also sells other PC hardware and peripherals.

The OS also comes with its own version of Microsoft Office, which has a more advanced version of Word.

The operating system is designed to give developers a better way to create applications, and to help organisations keep their data in sync.

The Dell Operating System also makes it easy to create your own virtual machine and run multiple copies of it at the same time, said Dell chief operating officer David Boulton.

Dell’s operating system offers a wide variety of applications, including web-based applications, games, video editing, social networking and social gaming.

It is also used in high-end computers such as laptops, desktops and gaming systems.

The OS is a virtual machine, meaning that the computer that runs it has no physical memory and only needs the software on the computer.

DeLL operates more than 250 operating systems, including Windows and Windows Server.

The top operating systems list was compiled by Dell, which said it was interested in seeing which operating systems could take the number one position, and also which are currently the most valuable.

The top 10 operating systems listed were:Apple Windows 8, OS X 10.10 OS X, Windows Server 2008 R2 OS X 8.1 OS X Server 2008 Windows Server 2003 Microsoft Windows 7 OS X Mavericks, Windows Vista OS X Mountain Lion Windows 7, Windows 8.2OS X Server 2003, Microsoft Windows 2000 OS X XP Windows 7 Server 2003The top 10 most valuable operating systems are:Windows 7 OS x Mavericks, OS x Mountain Lion, OS 9 OS X OS X server 2003Windows 8.x, OS 10 OS X Microsoft Windows Server 2000 OS x XP Windows 8 OS X Windows XP OS X 2000OS X X X OS 8.7, OS 7 OS Server 2003 OS X 7.5, OS 6 OS X X Server 2007 OS X 6.7 OS X 4.5OS X OS 9.7OS X 10 OS OS X NT 4.0OS X 9.3OS X 8 OS Server 2000, OS Server 2005OS X 7 OS 4.1OS X 6 OS 3.5 OS Server 2007, OS 4 OS X 5.1, OS 5 OS Server 2008, OS 3 OS X 3.2 OS Server 2002, OS 1 OS Server 2006, OS 2OS Server 2004, OS OS 1OS Server 2003OS X 3 OS 1.5Source: TalkSport