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Posted September 15, 2018 11:08:56When it comes to the job market in the world of mobile apps, most of us are still dealing with the same set of hurdles.

We are constantly told to expect high-paying jobs, but the reality is, we are in the minority, with only about a third of the jobs available in India.

According to data from job portal Appskills, the job growth rate in India has slowed down to just 4.4% in 2018, down from the 5.1% growth rate from 2015.

The remaining 8.1 million jobs remain unfilled, with almost 40% of all jobs in India being vacant.

Appskills says the average Indian earns about Rs 2,300 per month, while the average monthly salary is about Rs 3,100.

In comparison, in the US, a job at a US-based software company can earn $12,000 to $15,000 per month.

Appskids has listed more than 100 software companies across India and found that almost a third (32%) of them have no job openings at all.

The average annual salary of an Indian software developer in India is about USD 20,000, according to a report by job platform JobMatch.

India’s average monthly income is about $3,200.

Job seekers are not alone.

An increasing number of developers are starting to feel the pressure.

AppSkills data shows that out of more than 5 million job openings advertised on the platform, a staggering 41% were filled.

The average job seeker earns between USD 4,200 and USD 5,000 a month, according the report.

Many developers who work in India are now moving to cities and towns, as they are faced with more competition for the same jobs.

An estimated 10% of Indian software developers are working in urban areas.

In a recent interview with The Indian Express, Anil Gupta, CEO and founder of Kixl Software, said: “We have noticed that we are now seeing a lot more people working in Mumbai and other urban areas, while we are seeing a decline in Bangalore and other rural areas.

This is also impacting the salaries we pay to developers in those regions.

We were expecting a lot of job opportunities and we are struggling to find them.

We have started looking for other cities in India.”

According to a recent report by McKinsey, India has the highest concentration of software developers in the country with nearly 50% of the country’s software developers.

This figure is more than double the percentage of Indian developers in India working in cities, such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Bengaluru.

AppSkills has been conducting its own surveys in Mumbai to understand the job opportunities in the city.

It found that around 35% of software developer jobs were open and available in the Greater Mumbai Area (GMTA) region, while another 28% were available in Delhi.

In Bangalore, Bangalore-based startups have reported that over 30% of their software developers were working in Bangalore.

The McKinsey report also revealed that around 30% jobs in the cities were offered by app developers with an average salary of around USD 10,000.

The McKinsey data shows the average salary for a software developer working in an urban area is about US $9,000 (around Rs 5,300 to Rs 8,500).

According to McKinsey India’s software developer salaries are among the highest in the region, with an estimated median salary of US $31,500.

This article first appeared on TechCrunch.