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Netflix’s streaming platform is currently being tested on a number of different operating systems, and according to reports, the company is now ready to run on Linux. 

In the case of Linux, it is not clear if the operating system is Ubuntu or another Linux distribution. 

According to a Reddit post by Andrew Bennett, Netflix will run on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. 

Ubuntu’s stable branch is the latest version available, but it does not include many of the latest features and fixes. 

While Netflix is not the first streaming service to run Linux, the operating systems used in Netflix’s testing are also not the most stable. 

Linux has a wide range of features, and the developers behind the operating software have put a lot of effort into improving it, and are working to bring new features to Linux in the future. 

A number of Netflix users have already commented on the Linux test, and one of the most prominent of these was from Daniel Vazquez, a video blogger who posted this screenshot of the Netflix application running on a new Ubuntu 16.04 Beta and a Linux kernel version called 2.6.24. 

Vizio also posted a similar screenshot of its Linux app running on Ubuntu 16 for Mac. 

Some of these screenshots are from the Netflix test, but many of them are from earlier versions of the operating operating systems. 

It appears that Netflix is using Ubuntu’s version of the Linux kernel for its tests. 

The Netflix test seems to be the first Linux app to run Netflix on Linux, although the software was not able to run without it. 

Netflix is also working to make it easier for Netflix users to add new video content to their account. 

With Netflix now running on Linux it will be a lot easier for users to discover and add new content to Netflix, and will help Netflix keep pace with other streaming services. 

As Netflix users continue to test the Linux app, we can expect more and more news and analysis about Netflix’s Linux support in the coming weeks.