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Linux is gaining popularity as the most popular operating system today.

Its popularity is not limited to smartphones.

Rodos, a Linux-like operating system developed by Finnish firm Rodos Group, is also gaining popularity for embedded devices and for the IoT, a growing community of connected devices that can communicate with one another and receive commands via radio signals.

The software, which was released last year, is based on the popular Linux kernel, and it is already being used by companies to develop products and services that need to communicate with sensors, smart sensors, and sensors and control those devices.

But the OS has been more than just a platform for IoT.

Rodo has also been a platform to develop open-source applications, and its software has been used in some of the world’s most popular mobile operating systems.

RodoS OS is based off the Linux kernel source code and it was designed to be a secure platform for embedded applications.

Rodos’ OS has a lot of similarities to Windows, and that’s part of the reason it has been so successful in the embedded market.

RodOS runs on ARM, which is a popular processor family, and is an open source operating system that has the potential to be used in embedded devices.

Rodo OS runs on an ARM architecture.

The kernel is written in the Common Lisp programming language.

The ARM platform supports a wide variety of ARM platforms.

It includes phones, tablets, PCs, servers, and more.

RodOS uses Linux, which it is based upon, to make it easy to use and install.

It is compatible with the open-sourcing Linux kernel that is based around the Linux 2.6 kernel.

Linux is the most widely-used operating system on the planet, and Rodos is a major contributor to the Linux community.

The company says Rodos runs on a wide range of different architectures and operating systems, including Android, iOS, and the Raspberry Pi, as well as other platforms.

RodoS OS can be installed on mobile devices, but it is also available for Linux-powered embedded devices like Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

The OS also works with Linux-supported IoT devices like IoT devices, embedded robots, and robotics systems.

Rodospans OS is an embedded operating system written in Java and used by IoT devices and robotics, as it can connect to the internet.

Rodoes OS is open source.

It has been built from the ground up for the embedded community, and there are many other open source projects to choose from.

Rodols OS is a Linux kernel-based OS for embedded systems, like its competitors, and this is one of the reasons Rodos has been such a success for embedded hardware makers.

Rodoes OS runs as a native Linux distribution, meaning that all the code is written using the open source code.

Rodospans uses the same open source components as Rodos.

Rodosphere, RodosOS, and other Linux-focused projects are a part of Rodos’ IoT ecosystem.

RodolosOS has a range of IoT applications for IoT devices.

The company says that Rodos OS is the fastest growing Linux-derived OS for IoT, with over 3,000 active users.

The Rodos team has also built a wide array of open source IoT applications, ranging from ROS to IoT-related IoT applications like Robot Vision, Smart Contracting, and others.

Rodosphere uses a range and variety of open-based IoT frameworks, like ROS and IoT-focused applications like ROS, ROS for IoT and IoT development, IoT Core, and ROS IoT for IoT development.

Rodolos OS, which has been open sourced, is currently in its beta phase, but the company says it is about to open source a few more products to help it compete in the IoT market.

Rodolas OS is also an open-world operating system with a wide spectrum of possibilities for users.

Rodolas is focused on creating a Linux OS that can be used for all types of devices.

It also has a wide selection of IoT-based applications, including ROS, IoT IoT Core and IoT IoT for Developers, and IoT for Mobile.

RodsOS OS is available for Android, Apple iOS, Android for IoT developers, Android IoT Core for IoT IoT developers and IoT Core IoT for Smart Contractors, and Linux users.

Rodotics OS is part of an ecosystem of open, open source Linux OSes that the Rodos group has developed to support IoT development and application development.

Rodes OS is already used by startups and large companies like Google, Intel, Intel Labs, Intel Security, and Oracle.

Rodotes OS is being developed by a group of open hardware and IoT developers from around the world, including companies such as Qualcomm, Philips, Sony, and TCL, to name a few.

RodesOS is an Android based Linux-centric OS for smartphones.

It uses the Android OS, Android Open Source Project (AOSP), and the open Android framework.

Rodols OS also uses open source software from