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Ubuntu 17’s beta 4 has just landed and we’re happy to report that we’re now seeing some new emoji in the latest beta version.

Ubuntu 17.04 introduced a new emoji for the Ubuntu logo.

The new emoji looks very similar to the one we’ve seen before, and it’s actually pretty fun to play with, too.

Here’s how you can use it:You can use the emoji to add text to a message, or use it to indicate a location.

If you use the app to add a new email address, the emoji will automatically update its contact info to the new address.

You can also set a reminder for your phone to remind you of an upcoming appointment.

The beta also includes a new notification system that uses a notification center icon in the status bar, and a new gesture that launches the notification center app and displays a notification banner.

This gesture has been around for a while in Ubuntu 17 and is still being used in the beta.

If you’re curious about all the changes that are included in the Ubuntu 17 beta, check out our list of the best features in the update.

Ubisoft has been releasing some other important updates to its Unity software over the past few months, including the launch of the new version of Unity 5.0.

The latest Unity update brings some big improvements to the game, like new physics and animations, improved lighting and particle effects, and more.

Ubiquity, a popular cloud storage service, also announced a new version for its cloud version of its Unity desktop software.

The new version brings a few notable improvements to Unity as well:It can now be installed as a single Unity project.

This is useful for users who want to use the same Unity project for all their Cloud storage projects, which is why Unity 5’s default cloud version is Unity 5 and not Unity 7.

You don’t need to switch to the default Unity version to use this new version.

In the meantime, the newest version of the Unity desktop suite, Unity 5 Pro, is also available as a cloud version.

It brings several new features, like the ability to share files between multiple users on one computer.

You can also access Unity from a web browser.

We recommend using Chrome or Firefox on Windows.

Ubicomp is a software company that specializes in cloud computing.

The company also offers cloud-based virtualization solutions for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

In recent months, the company has been adding new cloud-powered services to its cloud offerings.

The first of these, Cloud VMWare Cloud, is now available for Windows and Linux, and the company is also rolling out support for its Azure virtual cloud service.

In addition to offering cloud-hosted services, Azure offers support for virtualization on Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu servers.