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Microsoft and Apple are set to set out to rewrite the operating system on the same platform.

 The tech giants are set for a merger that will see both companies taking the same OS but the operating systems themselves will change in order to ensure compatibility.

A report by The Wall Street Journal said Microsoft will retain Windows 10 for Windows 10 devices but Apple will start using the operating OS on new hardware.

Microsoft has already confirmed it is looking at an OS with no GUI in Windows 8.1, and the Wall Street Business Journal claimed a similar scenario was taking place with OS X. The OS is designed to allow users to use applications and apps from the web, but Microsoft’s own Surface tablets, which use a separate OS called Windows RT, will likely still use the Windows Store for apps.

Microsoft has a history of keeping its own operating system in Windows for devices, as Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 were discontinued in favor of Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Since the operating platforms were introduced in 2009, Microsoft has been building its own versions of Windows that include a large amount of customizations, such as a new desktop, the ability to switch to a new screen and even a revamped Start Menu.

There have been some complaints that Microsoft’s approach is a little bit too incremental.

For example, in the days leading up to the OS’s release in 2012, Microsoft launched an official “Customization Suite” for its devices, which included apps for Windows Phone and Xbox One.

But with the OS’ launch, Microsoft started rolling out its own apps and services.

And Microsoft has never been averse to releasing apps and other features that make up a version of Windows.

So the move to a OS-free OS is a major step forward for both companies.

Both companies have made it clear that they’re interested in the OS in any form, so this is a move that may come as a surprise to many of its competitors.

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