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Apple has officially announced its iOS 10 update, which adds a new iOS 10 icon, a new Siri app, new features and other tweaks to the operating system.

The iOS 10.1.1 update is a free update for all iOS users, with the latest and greatest version of iOS 10 available for free to everyone on the latest iPhone and iPad models.

Users can download the iOS 10 app, as well as iOS 10 beta updates for Apple Watch and iPad users, from the Apple App Store and iTunes.

In addition, Apple is now rolling out a free upgrade for iPad users with iOS 10 Beta 1 to iOS 10 and iOS 10 Pro.iOS 10 Beta 2 is also now available for iPad and iPod touch users, but will require a paid subscription.iOS 9.3.2 was the last major update to the iOS operating system released by Apple, which introduced new features such as the iWork productivity suite, and introduced the iPhoto app.iOS 7.1 was released in November 2015, and the first iOS 7 update was released a few months later in June 2016.iOS 8.1 came out in October 2017.