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Building an Android phone is no easy task.

But that doesn’t mean that building a phone is a waste of time.

We’ve compiled a guide that will show you how to get started.

Here’s how to create a simple Android phone.1.

Create a new project2.

Select the build target3.

In the “Create a new Android project” section, select “Android”.4.

Click on the “Manage Projects” button to add your new project to the build directory.5.

Click the “Add” button next to the “Project” section to create your first Android project.6.

The new Android Android project should look something like this:7.

Now that your Android project is in a build directory, you can simply open the “build.gradle” file in the “app” folder and replace “platform-tools” with “android-tools”.8.

Next, add your Android SDK and the “android” package to the end of your build.gradelin file.

You should be ready to go.9.

Next to “platform tools”, add “android build-tools android-tools-plugin”.10.

Lastly, add the “platformtools” file to your “” file.

This will create a Gradle project called “”.

You’ll now need to copy the “Android Build” folder from your “build” directory into your “app”, which will be your new Android phone’s build directory and will contain the build code.11.

Next add the Android SDKs and “android”-tools-toolchain to your build directory:12.

Next create a “build target” for your new app:13.

Then add the following to your Android file:14.

Add a line like this to the bottom of your Android target:15.

Next open “platforms”, and add the new “platform” to the list of build targets:16.

Then replace “android -tools” in your Android targets “platform_tools” section with “platform”.17.

Next edit your build target “target” and add a new line:18.

Then click “Finish” to build your app.

If you have any questions about Android, check out our tutorial on building Android.