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Google has launched a tool that can be installed on Windows computers to reinstate their operating system.

The company says it was the first of its kind in Australia, but it’s not the first time it’s been used to do so.

Read more:The tool, named “Windows Reinstall”, allows users to manually install software on a computer without having to remove the operating system and reboot it.

It works by copying files, registry keys, and other files from a computer to a USB stick.

It is currently only available on Windows machines running Windows Vista and later, but the tool is open source and can be downloaded for Macs, Android phones, and iPhones.

Google’s tool is similar to Microsoft’s “REboot” tool, which was designed to reinstitute an operating system onto a machine after a reboot.

Windows Vista users can use a tool called “Windows Installer” to install software onto a computer.

It can be found on Google’s website or through a search on the internet.

Users can also use the tool to install the operating systems that are installed on a Mac, iPhone, or Android device.

While the process is simple and relatively quick, the tool can be very time consuming and potentially harmful.

Google says it can only install software from the Internet and is not backed by any commercial or government funding.

If the tool isn’t working, the user has to manually reboot the computer.

The tool works on Windows 7 and later and on Windows 10.

It also has a “Windows Upgrade” option, which allows users who do not have a computer with Windows installed to upgrade to a newer version of Windows without needing to reinsteer the computer manually.

Microsoft’s Windows Reinstall tool is designed to help users regain control of their computer after a computer is shut down, but Google’s tool can reinstall the operating environment, which is used to install Windows.

Windows Rebuild is also available on Macs and iPhones, but you can only use the Windows version if you have the “OS X El Capitan” upgrade.

Microsoft has previously been criticized for not offering a more secure way to reinitigate a computer, which may have led to the creation of the tool.

Google has been criticised for not providing a more secured way to restore Windows after a PC is shutdown.

Microsoft has been criticized in the past for not including a secure way for users to reinitiate their computers.