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This article was originally published in February 2018. 

As part of our annual holiday shopping guide, we’ve put together a list of the best operating systems and operating systems simulator apps available for the Windows Phone platform.

We’ve also highlighted some of the more obscure apps available on the Windows Store, as well as the best apps for Windows 10 Mobile devices. 

In the past, we have also written a guide for creating a virtual machine on Windows 10 and used it to create our own operating system on an ARM-based device.

However, since we’ve had a great experience creating our own virtual machine, we decided to write a similar guide for Windows 8.1.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps you need to take to create your own operating systems, operating systems simulators, and operating system simulators for Windows Phone. 

Note: This is the final version of this guide, and there will be updates and additions to it over time. 

First, download and install the Microsoft Office 2016 software. 

Next, download Microsoft Office 2017 for Windows. 

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the Office software, open the Microsoft Software License Agreement (MSL) file on your device. 

Select the license that corresponds to your device model. 

Choose the license option that best suits your needs. 

If you’re creating a Windows 8 device, click Next. 

You can find out how to download the latest version of Microsoft Office here.

Next, choose your license. 

On this page, select the license to download. 

After selecting the license, click the Download Now button. 

The download will begin. 

When the download is complete, click OK. 

A list of files will open. 

Here you will be presented with options for how you can install the apps. 

Click Install to install the app. 

Then click Continue to continue. 

Now you can find your app in the Windows Apps folder on your phone. 

Open the Windows App Manager app on your PC and browse to the location where you installed your app.

 On your phone, open Settings from the Settings app on the phone.

You should now see a new menu with three items.

In the menu, select System.

From here, you should see your app’s name.

Click the Install button to install your app on Windows Phone 8.x and Windows Phone 7.x devices.

You should also see an icon for your app at the top of the Settings screen. 

We’ve highlighted some key settings in the table below. 

Please note that some of these settings will be different on different device models. 

Settings on the PhoneOS app on PC  Windows Phone 8:              Select Windows Phone OS. 

            Click Install. 

Windows 8.4:                                 Select Windows 8 from the left-hand menu. 

                            Choose the Windows 8 Start screen. 

 Windows 8:               Select Settings. Win8:                                            Select Device Manager. 

WIN8:     Click Start. 

WINDOWS 8:                Select Device. 

NETWORKING           Windows 10 Mobile:                                                          Click the Windows 10 icon at the bottom of the Start screen, then tap Settings. 

          Windows 10:           Select System. 







MediaControls,                     Select Media Control. 

WINDOWS WATCHING          Win10 Mobile:  Select Settings. 

                                Select Apps. 

WEATHER & HISTORY         (Optional) WIN10 Mobile (Optional): Select Settings WORD CONVERTER         WIN 10 Mobile (Windows 10):                                   Select Display settings. 

CONNECTING         WIFI         NETWATCHER          NETWATCHer (Windows 8):          Select Advanced Settings. 

 WORD: CONVERSATION          WIFY         CONVEYER         TEST MODE         INTERNET         DEVICE MODE    NETWORK  WOLF:          Enter a password. 

                        Select Settings, then Device. 

 WIN10:         Enter a Wi-Fi password. 

Wi-Fi: Enter your Wi-fi password.

Windows Phone 7:                     Enter a Wi‑Fi password for the device.

Windows 10Mobile:  Enter your password for your Wi‑fi network.NETWORKing: Choose Settings, Networking. 

STORE MANAGER            (Optional):  Choose Settings.

 NETWORKWORKING:         Select Network. 

 NETWORK MANAGEMENT          (Optional)  Choose Network.NET:         Choose Settings.

Windows 8, 8.5, 10:                                  Select the Wi-FI icon