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Posted September 08, 2018 07:17:49 Microsoft is making it easy for Windows developers to build and publish apps using the Fall Creator Update, its latest major update for its Windows operating system.

The company is launching the new “Windows 10 Fall Creator Update,” which enables developers to deploy apps that use the Fall Update, a version of the operating system that came out in April.

The Fall Creatour Update is the first major update to the operating platform since Microsoft introduced the new Windows 10.

Developers can now publish apps that run on the latest versions of the Windows operating systems, as well as add new APIs and features that support the Windows platform.

Developers who want to create new apps for Windows 10 must first build apps for a Windows 10 Mobile or Windows 10 Enterprise version of Windows 10, and they can also use the Windows Creators update for the apps they create.

Developers that have already published apps for either of those operating systems can continue to do so.

“Windows developers can now take advantage of the new fall Creator update, and build and deploy their apps for their Windows 10 devices,” Microsoft said in a blog post.

“To enable the latest features and capabilities, they can use the fall Creators Fall Creatur Update for their apps, including new APIs that are available to developers.”

To enable developers to get the most out of their apps that are built with the Fall update, Microsoft said it is also making it easier for them to make changes to the apps in the Fall Creator update.

Developers will be able to build their apps to support Windows 10’s Universal Windows Platform (UWP), a standardized platform that includes a variety of Windows operating devices.

This means that developers can use UWP apps in their apps with a little less effort.

“If your app doesn’t run well on Windows 10 UWP, it doesn’t work on Windows 11 or later,” Microsoft wrote.

“And, if your app is still not ready for Windows, it will work on the new Fall Creatre Update.

If you don’t have a UWP app on your device, or you don the update, you can still build the app for a U11 or later device, as long as the apps support Windows Defender, which helps protect your apps from attacks.”

Microsoft is also adding new APIs to developers that allow them to work with the Universal Windows Runtime (UWRT), a Windows platform that can run apps on a variety, including phones, tablets, PCs, and IoT devices.

The Universal Windows runtime, which is also used in Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016, is also being rolled out to new Windows devices, including the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book.

The fall Creatour update will also make it easier to distribute and share your apps across devices and applications.

“The fall Creatur update is the latest update to Windows for mobile and IoT, and includes new APIs, security enhancements, and a wide range of new capabilities that will enable developers and app creators to build the best experiences for Windows and its Windows 10 ecosystem,” Microsoft added.

Microsoft has also released a new guide that explains how to install and configure the Fall updates.

“You can download and install the Fall OS as a standalone download, or as part of an update package for existing devices and apps,” Microsoft explained.

“For more information about installing and configuring the Fall Updates, you may wish to visit the Microsoft Store and Windows Update for more information.

Windows 10 is the world’s first operating system to feature Universal Windows Apps, a unified platform that supports many different operating systems.

Windows Insider is the only way to download updates for Windows phones, PCs and IoT.

For more information on the upcoming updates, check out the Windows Insider blog post, or read our blog post on how to get started.

You can get more details on the fall updates on the Microsoft blog.