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The software development community’s favorite operating system got a boost Thursday, with Google announcing a major upgrade to its Chrome OS operating system that is expected to take off in the coming months.

The upgrade will make Chrome OS the most powerful mobile operating system available in the world.

Its major changes include support for Google’s cloud-based Chromecast technology and a new web-based API that developers can use to build applications that use the new OS.

The update will be available on Chromebooks, Google’s desktop version of Chrome OS, starting at $119 for a 16GB model and $139 for a 64GB model.

Google will also make its new API available to Chrome OS developers, including Google Maps, Google Docs, and Google Translate.

Chrome OS, a Google spinoff, has seen strong demand among developers and early adopters who have tried the open-source OS.

Google is offering a free trial of ChromeOS and a limited time offer to anyone who buys a $129 32GB Chromebook.

The company plans to release more Chrome OS-based products, but the upgrade is the first major update for the OS since 2012.

It will also bring support for new hardware and software updates, including the Chromebook Pixel, which Google announced last year.

The $119 Chromebook Pixel is the company’s first Android-powered Chromebook, a model with a quad-core CPU and a touchscreen display.

The Pixel also has an optional $99 model with an 8-inch screen and a more powerful processor, which is a significant upgrade for the Pixel.