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If you think you’ve had an airbag-related injury or died in an air bag accident, you’re in luck.

A new video from Google shows how to test your airbags to see if they are in compliance with the law.

The video shows how Google tests the airbags in the vehicles it tests, and then compares them to the manufacturers’ own specifications.

After the video, you can see the results.

The company says it tests these airbags every few months.

Google also provides free tests for customers who want to check on compliance with airbag laws in their own homes.

The service offers the option to test at home or with an approved vehicle.

You can also use the service to check the safety of airbag components such as air bags.

If the airbag meets Google’s standard, the company will send a notification via email.

The notification can be as simple as a text message or as complicated as a PDF.

Google says it sends the notifications to the email address associated with the car that was tested, and that email is the one to check.

Google has also provided instructions for how to check an airbags.

The company said the notification will include the vehicle’s manufacturer, model, and model year.

It will also include a link to a page where customers can view the information.

Google has not provided a timeline for when it will begin sending these notifications to customers.