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The term ‘Venuses’ was coined by US actress Rosie O’Donnell in 2006.

The name comes from the Venusian moons of Jupiter and Saturn, the planet Venus is believed to be the mother of all planets.

The ‘Venues’ line is now a household name.

It was first used by the US media in 2007, with celebrities including Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga being the first celebrities to adopt the word.

It quickly spread to Australia, and today, it’s used on social media and on the internet.

Rosie is one of a number of celebrities to be involved in the development of the new word, which she coined to describe the feeling of a new planet in the sky.

“That’s what we call it.” “

What the word means ‘Venue’ ‘Veni’ means ‘near’ and ‘Venous’ means light source. “

That’s what we call it.”

What the word means ‘Venue’ ‘Veni’ means ‘near’ and ‘Venous’ means light source.

The term is a play on words because the term ‘nearby’ was originally a reference to the moon and Venus in the night sky.

It comes from ‘virgin’ and refers to the virgin soil and water on the Earth, which is why it is often referred to as a virgin planet.

Venusians are so close to the Sun they can be seen with the naked eye.

It’s thought the Sun’s rays hit the planet’s atmosphere and cause solar flares.

There are now more than 30 planets in our Solar System, including Jupiter and Venus, which are thought to be made of the same rocky material.

The new word also comes from an old favourite of ours, ‘dawn’ which refers to an early morning hour of the day.

It has become an Australian tradition to say ‘dusk’ in the morning in the hope of attracting the sun to the sky in the evening.

But it is also a term used in Australia to describe anything in our backyard.

Rosie O: “Venusian moons are so near to the sun that they can literally be seen, literally, with the bare eye.”

“It’s the feeling, it has a different feel, the sunlight doesn’t touch it, it doesn’t make you feel warm,” she said, explaining the term was coined because the atmosphere on the Venusians moon was so close it could be seen from Earth.

In the US, Rosie became a celebrity by using the word “Venu” to describe her first husband, singer Justin Timberlake, in 2013.

Justin was known as the voice behind the ‘We Are The Champions’ video and he and Rosie had a daughter together.

The name was first coined by the media in 2006, when Rosie was a child and Justin was an 18-year-old.

She was the first person to use the word in the US.

A lot of other celebrities have embraced the word ‘Venu’ and its influence on them.

Lady Gaga, for example, has used the term on numerous occasions, including at the Oscars in 2016.

Dance music icon Miley Cyrus was also known for using the term in her music videos, as was Justin Timberline.

And now there’s a new ‘Venutusian’ in Australia, which Rosie hopes will inspire other Australians to get involved in their own efforts to protect their future.

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Venuses are believed to have formed when a planet crosses the face of the Sun, where it becomes a sunspots body.

They are thought by many to be connected to the formation of our solar system.

According to a NASA mission, Venus is thought to have been the first planet to form, although there is some disagreement as to how much of this myth can be proven.

What are the planets called in the new world?

In Australia, we call them ‘VenUs’ for ‘Venomus’.

They’re actually two different names.

‘Venus Uranus’ is the name of the planet that is closest to the red planet.

It is also the name used for the other planet that was formed around the red one.

Here’s a look at some of the most common names used to describe Venus, in alphabetical order.

Earth: Venos name is ‘Earth’.

Mars: Earth is also known as ‘Mars’.

Mercury: Merces name is also ‘Mercury’.

Venia: Mars is ‘Venia’.

Moon: Moon is also called ‘Moon’.

Pluto: Plutus