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Posted October 03, 2018 04:12:10 Apple has just announced that Linux will be the default operating system on its Apple TV 4 and Apple TV Streaming Stick 4, making it the first major tech company to do so.

The announcement came from the company’s Apple TV and Apple Watch forums, and says that users of the devices will be able to install the operating system from their iOS or Android devices.

“The first time you launch your Apple TV from the Home app on the Apple TV or Apple Watch, the device will download and install the latest version of the Linux operating system.

This is true for all other Apple devices as well,” reads the release.

“Once installed, your device will start running apps and streaming movies, music, and video.”

Apple’s Linux support for the Apple Watch is the first to be confirmed for an Apple TV model, and is also the first such device to have a full Linux-based operating system installed.

Linux is currently supported on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, as well as the AppleTV, Mac, and the iPad mini.