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By now you should know that the Firefox OS operating system is on its way to Apple’s iPad.

But what you may not know is that Apple has already announced that its version of Firefox OS will be arriving soon.

We’ve already seen rumors of FirefoxOS in the past and, with the release of the Apple iPad Pro this week, the time is now for the OS to become official.

Mozilla is currently in the midst of an open beta program for the beta version of the MacOS-based operating system.

FirefoxOS will be available on MacOS and Windows PCs starting on October 10th.

The beta release of Firefox on Apple’s latest iPad will be a big step forward for Mozilla, which has struggled to keep up with the iPhone and iPad.

In addition to supporting the new Apple iPad, Mozilla has also been slow to bring its Firefox OS beta to the Mac.

In the beta release, FirefoxOS runs on Apple hardware but does not support native apps.

That leaves Mozilla without an easy way to get access to a variety of native applications and add them to the Firefox ecosystem.

Mozilla is now working on a Firefox OS release for iOS and Windows platforms, which will be officially announced later this year.