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The default setting for Kindle devices in Microsoft’s new operating system is “Not on.”

This setting can be changed to allow a Kindle to use other operating systems, but the Kindle isn’t the only device that can be “enabled” to run other operating system.

The setting can also be turned off for Kindle tablets and the Kindle Fire HDX.

The Kindle Fire can be enabled for certain other devices such as Samsung and LG.

There are two main ways to turn this off:Turn off “Not On” in Settings on the home screen.

Turn off the “Enable” checkbox next to the “Always” box in Settings.

You can see an example of this setting in action on a Kindle Fire tablet:This is where the problem is, according to Microsoft, “It is possible that some of the devices that support ‘Not on’ can be considered ‘not on’ and thus not be included in the settings.”

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as some users might want to use Kindle devices to read their own ebooks or use Amazon’s online services, but Microsoft’s documentation notes that some people may want to enable this option because it helps make the Kindle even more appealing.