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A new operating version of Windows is on its way to the world.

Microsoft will be offering an update on Wednesday, March 7th that will add support for Windows 8.1 to PCs, Macs, and tablets.

It will come preinstalled with the first beta build of the new version, which was made available to all Windows 7 users who signed up for the beta program in the last month.

It also adds a bunch of new features to Windows, including a new “Windows Store” app, a redesigned Start menu, and a brand new Windows Search app that can access the Bing search engine.

In addition, the update will also include support for Microsoft Edge, which is coming to Windows 10.

Edge will be a desktop alternative for Windows 10 that uses Web browsing, video streaming, and other features to bring Windows 10 closer to the way users use Chrome and Safari on ChromeOS.

The new browser will also come with an interface that feels more like Google Chrome.

The new version of the operating system will also be built for the cloud, including the ability to access files and other data on Microsoft Azure, which means you’ll be able to sync files between multiple PCs and use them from anywhere in the world with the same password.

Windows 8.x will remain available to Windows 8 users for the time being.

Windows 10 will arrive in early 2018.